April 11


It’s all about “THE DRESS”

By nick

April 11, 2021

From the moment a girl becomes aware of “THE DRESS” not a day goes by without wondering when she will wear it and for whom !. I have wondered over the years who it is we wear “THE DRESS” for and i want to believe it is for the groom ( or the wife) but I, have come to the conclusion that “THE DRESS” may be bigger than the groom, the wife, the ceremony, the venue…….the whole event !!

For it doesn’t matter if you are a size 0 or a size 28 the dress has the mystical, magical ability to mesmerize everybody from the youngest bridesmaid to a great grandmother!

From the moment “The Dress” is chosen, until the moment it’s presented to the world nothing else matters … and nor should it! I have yet to lay eyes on a bride without becoming so overwhelmed with emotion … I don’t even need to know her, the moment she’s insight … BANG … FIREWORKS!!!

She’s the most beautiful creature on earth!

What is it about ” The Dress”, I wonder …What power does it hold??? Will anyone ever know?

So a polite note to every bride’s entourage … just love and support her, tell her she’s beautiful and above all respect her choice, after all “The Dress” is hers and only hers! Do not deflate her, nor down mind her, and above all allow her her moment, allow her “The Dress” of her dreams.

So “The Dress” arrived in Cyprus for the wedding we had dreamt of forever! PISSOURI near Paphos … WOW what a gorgeous place!!! 200 guests, half from the UK, half from the Motherland were eagerly awaiting the ‘dressing of the bride’ … now tears are flowing. Each guest taking it in turn to bless the bride … more tears are flowing.

After a magical ceremony by the quaint chapel, there’s a champagne reception. The immaculately dressed tables sit upon the green, beneath a million palm trees, there’s a buffet fit for a king.

“Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome your bride and groom,” announces the usher. And here she arrives, on the arm of her prince, presenting the spectacular” DRESS”! Then BANG, BANG, BANG, fireworks light up the night sky, deep upon the ocean. The party commences, everyone is high on life, eating drinking, dancing almost in a trance. I hear people say, “she looks beautiful, she looks radiant, a real-life dolly from a Christmas tree … she is glowing!”

Within a few hours of craziness, when everyone had lost their inhibitions, Cinderella and Prince Charming enter a carriage and leave.

But “The Dress” will NEVER leave, it will forever be embedded in our hearts!

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