Can Coffee Help Or Hinder Your Weight Loss Efforts?

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Well… If you don’t drink coffee this won’t interest you, but if you do… Here are some interesting things I discovered.

There are arguments FOR and AGAINST coffee and its effects on weight loss.

Argument AGAINST coffee says:

Coffee Elevates Stress Hormones

Increased Cortisol Levels Lead to Abdominal Obesity

Increased Stress Leads to Overeating

Caffeine Exacerbates Insulin Resistance Syndrome

Caffeine Stimulates Appetite

Coffee Increases Serum Cholesterol Levels

Caffeine Interferes with GABA Metabolism


Yet, Another lot of research FOR coffee says:

Coffee does not increase blood pressure

It enhances endurance

speeds up metabolism

breaks down fatty acids (when you’re physically active)

staves starving

So then, what do you believe?

I guess that’s up to you to decide… Perhaps TEA is another alternative?

I have researched and found that Oolong / Wulong tea is good for weight loss. Some say it’s hype, some say it’s scientifically proven, some say it’s a bit of both.

I found an amazing source for fast weight loss just by adding to your coffee. Looks good.


I would be interested in comments from anyone who’s tried it!

If you are going to stick to your coffee, this is what I can recommend to HELP you with your weight loss:

  1. No sugar!
  2. Use trim milk

They say that “Its the little differences that make the big differences in the end”

So, if you can do a small thing like remove your sugar and use trim milk, then it will contribute to helping you with your weight loss efforts.

Here’s something also to keep in mind:

With weight loss, it’s all about expending more energy than you have supplied your body with (through food). If you find you are drinking coffees in between meals or quite a bit, it could be that you feel the need to “top up” your energy input. This is not good, because you really need to allow your body to go hungry, so it starts draining off its stored (fat/carb) energy supply. If you keep having a coffee, your body isn’t allowed to go into depletion mode.

At the very least, try to remove the sugar.

OK, that’s enough for now. I think I’ll go have a coffee. ha.ha.ha…. (With no sugar) ouch.